Class 3

Welcome to Class 3
This term, our topic is 'Water'. We are learning about many exciting links to water including sea turtles, the coast, holidays, rivers and the water cycle!
Here is a photo of us on our beach day. We made sea turles and dressed up in our beach wear!
Click on the below links to have a look at our topic writing about sea turtles.
Once we had written our topic writing about the sea turtles, we shared them with Class 2.
One area that we are learning about in our Water topic is all about rivers in the UK and around the world. To start this unit of work, we explored our garden's river! We poured water from the top of the river, the source, and watched it flow down the the mouth. We loved moving the rocks to create meanders (bends). We realised that they changed the path of the river and slowed down the speed at which the water flowed. Creating floods in the flood plains was fun too!
This term, we are visiting QE to join other primary schools in the area to complete a gymnastics festival. To prepare us, we are learning many gymnastic skills. Here are a few photos of us learning how to counter balance and tension balance.